Application Process:

  1. Call Community Housing Initiative (CHI) at 321-253-0053, for a telephone pre-screening.
  2. If pre-screening is passed, applicant needs to gather required documentation and schedule appointment with CHI to complete the application.
  3. Once it is determined the applicant meets all qualifications, program administrators will conduct income and rental verifications, criminal background check, and review the applicants credit report—perfect credit is not necessary—and finally performing an ability to pay calculation.
  4. Once the applicant passes the ability to pay, an appointment will be scheduled for a home visit.

You will be notified by mail once all verifications and home visit reports are received of your partnership status determined.

Partnership Outline:

Once accepted into the Habitat program the applicant will be contacted to schedule a date to sign the partnership agreement.  Partnership Agreement includes expectations and guidance on:

  • “Sweat Equity”:  Each partnering family applying to purchase a Habitat for Humanity Brevard County, Inc. house shall invest a minimum of 200 “Sweat Equity” hours per household.

Sweat equity will be performed in the following areas by the applicant(s):

1)    25 hours of community service.  All family members on the application 16 years of age and older must complete.  The community service agency must have a signed and current partnership agreement with Habitat.  The Habitat ReStore is also an authorized site for these hours.

  • The applicant’s children may contribute to the family’s sweat equity by earning O’s or A’s on their school report card.  Each O or A earned by the student will contribute 0.5 hours.  A maximum of 8 hours can be earned in this manner.

2)    25 hours in the Habitat’s First-Time Homebuyer Education Program.  All family members 16 years of age and older must attend the training.

3)    50 hours in construction of other future homeowners’ house.  All family members on the application 16 years of age and older must complete.

4)    100 hours in the construction of their own house.  Applicant(s) must be on the construction site each Saturday construction is scheduled.

  •  Escrow a down payment of $1,400 with the affiliate (which includes the cost of your first year’s homeowners insurance).

Mollie Krell, Volunteer coordinator/family services. Email Mollie or call 321-728-4009 ext 106

Download the Qualification and Application Information by clicking here