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Family Stories

We have served over 330 families since 1985!

Our families are diverse and exceptionally unique. The changing face of America is clearly reflected in culture, race, age, and parental status. There are intact families, single parents, disabled adults and children, as well as grandparents raising grandchildren, and seniors needing affordable housing. The one common thread that weaves them together in our program is the desire to build a future that is the commitment to work hard, and reach a dream called “homeownership”.

Mark 10:27 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

I would like to thank the volunteers, including the Women Build & YouthBuild and the sponsors that made it all happen.I would also like to thank Bruce for being a loyal and supportive friend throughout the build. -Anita Gibson

“I would never have imagined as a young single other in my mid 20s, I would be becoming a homeowner! On behalf of my son and I, I would like to thank God, Habitat for Humanity , all dedicated volunteers, and all help from my friends and family. To Habitat especially, thanks for the opportunity of gaining hope, faith, growth, maturity, and most of all responsibility.” -from Lolisha & Zion, all thanks are given


God Bless Our New Home

There are many ways to build a house
But a house is not always a home,
It can be built of different things
With God, love, Bricks & Stones

God bless by Habitat Family, my family from Melbourne to Palm Bay
Where we will be working together as a hand and glove,

Praising you for your many blessings
And giving you many thanks from above
This house has been Build over many years
And now with our love, tears of joy, and happy dreams

For each occasion we share, each year, like a brick upon a brick,
Making our memories flow like streams…
Jermaine and Javion, this is our new home
This is where our families will continue to love and grow
It will become our very own cherished place

Thanking God, for this is our new Home-Amedia Jones