Origins of the Club

We began our preliminary volunteering with Habitat at the ReStore. After a few months of volunteering at the ReStore, we saw a different perspective from the Habitat partner families who were working toward their 300 hours of sweat equity to qualify for a home. Volunteering alongside children our age who were in need of adequate housing, really had an impact on us. It opened our eyes to the struggle and determination of these families and showed us how grateful we should be for what we have in our lives. We pledged at that time to help raise funds to build homes for families in need.

Our Main Mission

At West Shore Jr/Sr High School, our main mission is to impact as many lives as possible by raising funds and awareness. We would like instill a sense of community and charity into our own lives as well as those who share in our cause. Our goal is to open our communitys eyes beyond the hustle and bustle of everyday life and urge them to take action and be grateful for how much they have compared to others in need.

Group Photo